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Company Statement: Eberspaecher reacts to protect its employees

Update 23 March 2020 

In the course of the further spread of the corona virus and the associated production stops of numerous automobile manufacturers, Eberspaecher has decided on a comprehensive package of measures. In agreement with the employee representatives, the capacities for all German Eberspaecher locations will be reduced to a minimum from Monday, 23 March 2020. This will be achieved by reducing working time accounts and vacation, followed by short-time working. The measures apply to both production and administrative areas. Appropriate measures are also being taken at all locations in Europe and the USA to protect employees and in response to the sharp drop in incoming orders. 

18 March 2020

To Eberspaecher the protection and health of its employees has the highest priority. Therefore, the company continuously informs its employees about the current situation and recommended behavioral measures. In doing so, the company follows the recommendations of the WHO and the Robert Koch Institute for Germany. It goes without saying that the regulations of local authorities are observed.

Action teams are in place at all Eberspaecher sites to ensure local implementation and to act as contact persons for the respective employees on site. Eberspaecher supports its employees to be able to comply with the recommendation of social distancing in all respects. Last Friday, employees were sent on mobile work assignments worldwide. Meetings are held online and clear rules apply to irreplaceable face-to-face meetings. Any business trips are only possible in exceptional cases, after special approval by the management. Production is adjusted in accordance with our customers requests. Management and action teams of Eberspaecher are closely monitoring the dynamic developments in order to take further measures immediately.