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The latest news from Eberspächer

Here media representatives will find company announcements and the latest news from the product ranges of the Eberspächer group.

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- Revenue of more than € 4.3 billion at high level

- Consolidated net income totaling € 61.0 million

- Outstanding operating performance with...


– Comfortable heating for hybrid and electric vehicles

– 30 percent higher performance density with lighter weight

– In-house developed electronic...


− New: Ambutronic compact refrigerator for medication transport

− Appropriate heating solutions for the vehicle interior and as mobile systems



– New compact and light-weight pre-heater system

– Innovative exhaust system for commercial vehicles

– State-of-the-art exhaust aftertreatment...


– Portable power system ideal for robust environment

– Supercap module for extremely fast performance availability

– New Q-Diode for voltage...