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About Eberspaecher Vecture Inc.

Since incorporating in 2001, Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. has been focused on providing its customers with reliable, innovative, and cost-effective Battery Management Systems (BMS) for their portable power applications. Eberspaecher Vecture Inc.’s customers range from well qualified small start-ups to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporations. Eberspaecher Vecture Inc.’s success has been a direct result of contributing to the success of its customers. Understanding customer needs, product roadmaps, and design goals in intimate detail enables Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. to incorporate requirements quickly into specific products and offerings.

Today’s portable electronics are increasingly sophisticated and require more energy as well as longer life. Lithium battery technology is important to the portable power market because of its higher energy density, and its lower mass and volumetric needs deliver more powerful, compact and lightweight batteries with longer life than traditional battery technologies. However, given the chemical and physical nature of lithium as a power source, a reliable BMS is essential for lithium based portable power applications. Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. has specific expertise providing BMS solutions that monitor and manage the charging and discharging of lithium based batteries to ensure safety as well as maximized range of useful life.

Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. Quick Facts

  • Privately held company with over 20 years leading the Battery Management System (BMS) industry in North America and Europe.
  • Expertise in complex mission critical battery protection, fuel gauging, and charging systems for portable medical, defense, and select industrial applications.
  • Pioneer BMS developer for green-renewable energy storage, sustainable-smart grid, and electric vehicle power applications.
  • Possesses one of the largest Intellectual Property (IP) libraries of BMS designs for the latest Lithium based systems (Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion Polymer, Lithium Phosphate).


  • Fully integrated R&D, design, supply chain, manufacturing, automated testing, and applications support.
  • Supplier of IPC-A610 Class 2 and Class 3 electronic assemblies.
  • Headquartered in City of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.
  • Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP) certified for compliance with US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Competitive Advantages

  • Key business and technical relationships in the Battery Management System (BMS) industry.
  • Customer focused organization offering a proven combination of stability, agility, and flexibility.
  • Shortened time to market by leveraging existing portfolio of proven and highly engineered BMS solutions.
  • Working closely with component and cell suppliers to understand technology and development roadmaps, ensures designs are based on the most advanced technology offerings within the industry.
  • Critical understanding of the BMS host applications (specific analogue and digital circuitry of the device), as well as performance characteristics of the selected power sources.
  • Complete BMS compliment including Standard products, custom Original Design and Manufacture (ODM), and Build-To-Print (BTP) services.
  • One-stop-shop as a full turnkey provider of BMS design, integration, components, assembly, and test.


  • Advanced R&D extending BMS products and technology knowledge base.
  • Proprietary fully automated test equipment (ATE) for integrated programming, calibration, and functional testing of Impedance Track™ based BMS products.
  • Strategic supply chain focus for BMS component costing and availability.
  • Cost competitive high quality BMS manufacturing in North America.
  • Geographical proximity to customers enables direct collaboration with reduced travel expenses.
  • Compliance with critical regulations and certifications (CGP/ITAR).
  • Design optimization for manufacturability, testability (DFM, DFT), reliability, and total cost of ownership (TCO).