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Design, Application Engineering and R&D

Experience includes 1S through 24S, fuel gauging, chargers, DC/DC converters, MCU designs, modular designs.

  • Optimization of schematics, layouts, component selections, manufacturability, and testability to achieve overall product efficiency and reliability.
  • Focus begins at the design stage working with customers as early in the development process as possible, and continues with application support throughout the full life-cycle of the product.
  • Dedicated design engineering team partners with the customer team to create products that are innovative, reliable, and engineered for maximum performance throughout their entire life-cycle.
  • Working closely with component and cell suppliers to understand their technology and development roadmaps, ensures designs are based on the most advanced technology offerings within the industry.
  • Years of experience in low power analog circuits and microprocessors using the latest function specific integrated circuits for protection, fuel gauging, fuel charging devices, and DC/DC conversion.
  • Advanced custom micro-programmed solutions, serial communications buses (SMBus, I2C, HDQ), LED indicators, battery authentication, cell balancing, and embedded chargers.

Specialized designs that leverage a variety of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) substrate technologies including flex circuit, rigid FR4, combinations of rigid flex, as well as other mixed technologies that can be applied to deliver robust, reliable, cost effective solutions.