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Today’s Battery Management Systems (BMS) in portable devices such as heart monitors, defense radios, and unmanned mobile devices are mission and application critical. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and battery pack assemblers typically wish to utilize proven and properly certified BMS suppliers with specific application type expertise, and to re-use where feasible proven BMS knowledge, integrated components and systems.

Portable Medical



Green Solution

Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. specializes in BMS solutions for portable medical, defense, and select industrial applications as well as being at the forefront of BMS development for green-renewable energy storage, smart-sustainable grid, and electric vehicle power applications.

Given the emerging market for medium to higher voltage BMSs in applications such as 12V/48V lead acid replacements, EV/HEV/PHEV (Electric Vehicle), wind energy, voltaic array and power utility balancing applications, Eberspaecher Vecture Inc. has continued to diversify its customer base and increase its internal abilities to develop, design, prototype, test, and manufacture an increasing range of more complex, higher voltage original BMS solutions for its customers.

Portable Power Trends

  • More and more varied devices becoming portable.
  • Emergence of lithium based chemistry as dominant technology.
  • Increasing power and battery life of portable electronic devices across all applications.

Industry Specific Trends

  • Proliferation of portable medical devices, such as defibrillators.
  • Renewable energy installations demand increasing storage capacity
    (Wind, Solar, Smart-Sustainable Grid Systems).
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles becoming mainstream
    (HEV – EV: Hybrid Electric – Electric Vehicles).
  • Growing power requirements for soldiers in the field (Military).
  • ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles).
  • GPS, NAV.
  • Evolved computing, communications and data collection.